About EMERgency24

EMERgency24 has a history of innovation

Since 1967, EMERgency24 has been a leader in the fire/burglar industry by streamlining the monitoring process. EMERgency24 was the first company to computerize the monitoring which previously relied on Rolodexes and manually cross-referencing charts for dispatching. With proprietary dispatching software written by our in-house programmers, EMERgency24 remains ahead of the industry's technological curve.

EMERgency24 focuses on client satisfaction

EMERgency24 operators are trained to assist people during emergency situations and to dispatch responders as quickly as possible. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service and protection they deserve.

EMERgency24 provides 24/7 protection

As an Underwriters Laboratories listed central station company, EMERgency24 was designed as a mission-critical network that will never fail. Every conceivable point of failure is backed up to ensure ongoing operations. Further, with four central stations in the EMERgency24 network, we will maintain operations even during a time of regional disaster.