How 2-way Text Notification works

After a non-critical signal is received by the Alarm Monitoring Center, you will be notified via text up to five times in the first hour or until you or another subscriber acknowledges receipt of the notification. After the five text notifications, if no acknowledgement is received, the Alarm Monitoring Center will revert to notifying you and your parties via telephone. For delayed notification alarms, you will only be texted between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time. To avoid phone calls, simply reply with a “YES” message.


  1. Save 773-725-4000 into your mobile phone contacts to avoid texts being blocked by phone carriers.
  2. Alarm Monitoring Center sends 5 texts within 1st 75 minutes of non-critical alarm. When you receive text notification, reply YES to avoid further text notifications or phone calls.
  3. Texts will be sent in the following manner:
  • 00:00 (time of signal)
  • 00:05 minutes after signal
  • 00:20 minutes after signal
  • 00:45 minutes after signal
  • 01:00 hour after signal
  1. After the fifth and final text, Alarm Monitoring Center will wait 15 additional minutes before commencing regular phone contact procedures.
  2. Alarm Monitoring Center will log your text acknowledgement as “REACHED SMS ACK RECEIVED.”
  3. Alarm Monitoring Center will not send text notifications while your account is on Test or Disregard.

The Alarm Monitoring Center will never send you marketing or sales texts. By enrolling you permit the Alarm Monitoring Center to send you non-marketing texts in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • You may pause 2-way text notification at any time by sending a “Pause” message to 773-725-4000.
  • You may cancel this service by sending a “Cancel” message to 773-725-4000.
  • You may re-enroll by sending “Enroll” or “Re-enroll” to 773-725-4000.

Current alarm notifications included in 2-way text notification:

  • COMMUNICATION FAILURE (delayed notification only)
  • COMMUNICATION LINE 1 FAILED (delayed notification only)
  • COMMUNICATION LINE 2 FAILED (delayed notification only)
  • SUPERVISORY ALARM (delayed notification only)
  • POWER FAILURE (delayed notification only)
  • TROUBLE ALARM (delayed notification only)